Streamline security processes and accelerate incident response with centralized security orchestration

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Orchestration of automated courses of action dramatically reduce your risks.
Automate routine tasks so you can focus on protecting your enterprise from complex threats.
Reduce errors by as much as 99 percent with security orchestration and automation.

Most security operations accept a great deal of inefficiency. There are simply too many threats, too much data, and too much risk for security teams to ignore anything. With security orchestration and automation you can streamline how you respond to threats, how you document and learn from them, and how you mitigate them.

Your data is at risk. Right now, and your security staff aren’t keeping up. Attackers use amplification tactics and automation to overwhelm organizational defenses, ensuring that you will never have enough staff to defend against them.

When you deploy Invotas Security Orchestrator’s automated response platform, you’re getting a solution that is a force multiplier. Like an exoskeleton made up of your very best people, and your most effective security technologies, ISO takes what you have and makes it faster, smarter, and more responsive.

ISO uses extensible courses of action, a cyber playbook, and a plug-in system capable of connecting the latest tools and technology together into a better, faster way to provide security. Stop worrying about the tangle of too many tools, and too much administrative overhead in your current defensive strategy. Your SIEM and IDS can forward events directly to ISO and let automated actions respond to and contain attacks in seconds, minimizing damage, and freeing your staff to work on higher value services.

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"Automation is the answer. Given the consequences of data breaches, businesses can no longer rely on passive, manual procedures to defend against them. The only way to protect the exfiltration of our data by hackers and cybercriminals is to provide our security teams with a set of rules that will incentivize automated response."

− John Kindervag | Forrester

"Invotas is an example of an innovative company that is bringing carrier-grade automation tools to network security management. The innovation is not just in the strength of the platform, but also in the approach to the marketplace, allowing the platform to be gradually integrated into existing SOC processes, rather than taking a "forklift upgrade" approach."

− Frank Dickson | Frost & Sullivan

"Enterprises that adopt this type of automation for IT security can begin to defend key parts of their infrastructure at machine speeds, move towards unifying their currently heterogeneous security solutions, and free up trained security professionals to focus on real threat research instead of mundane configuration tasks."

− Jeff Wilson, Principal Analyst for Security | Infonetics Research, Inc.

"With an increasing number of touch-points between a CSP’s business systems, their networks, their partners and their customers, they must extend internally-focused fraud management practices into broader operations to identify and address vulnerabilities in their systems and data ..."

− Karl Whitelock, Global Director of Operations and Monetization Strategy at Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan

Unification of Effort: All Your Tools Act As One.

Acting on data ingested from SIEM and other enterprise devices, ISO automates many of the tasks that security analysts do manually.

With Invotas Security Orchestrator, you won’t only save time, you’ll make time. When your organization is attacked you need action. Extend your staff by allowing automated courses of action, capture their know-how, and automate away redundant, time consuming work.

Infinitely scalable and tool agnostic. ISO is the one solution that can adapt to your organization’s unique needs.


What if time wasn’t a finite resource?

What if you could delegate any task, infinitely? Create new tasks and delegate them instantly? What if your only limiting factor was how long you need to make a decision?

How fast could you do it if you already had all of the context and threat enrichment provided to you? Better yet, don’t  you already know how you should respond to some decisions?

If so – why not let orchestration and automation execute the response for you? With Invotas Security Orchestrator you can you can short cut the entire process and simply contain threats while others are still scrambling to make sense of the data. With ISO you can make the time you need by automating the simple stuff, and giving your security team decision makers the luxury to make good, informed decisions.

Security Orchestrator Works Hand-In-Hand With Your Current Infrastructure

What is Orchestration?

Security Orchestration creates end-to-end integration of your hundreds of point solutions and automates the response based upon pre-defined action sets or workflows.   An action set can be as simple as creating a trouble ticket, or as complex as making large-scale changes on multiple point solutions.
All of these workflows are driven by your Cyber Playbook, a fully digital version of the standard operating procedures, or runbooks, that most security operations centers depend upon to ensure rapid, managed responses to cyberthreats.

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See firsthand how Automated Threat Response can reduce your response times from hours to seconds.

Create Processes That Are Executable.

Imagine creating flow charts for your processes that are executable. Add triggers, decision points, and conditions all based on your runbook. Now imagine being able to hit a button and see your process come to life. Watch as it executes tools, updates tickets, and secures your network. Pretty slick, huh?

Centralize Responses

Unify your existing infrastructure with a single action oriented console.

Build Your Cyber Playbook

Build, save and modify Courses of Actions in minutes using an intuitive interface. Unify your decision making with your workflows instantly.

Starter Content Packs

Kick start the securing of your enterprise by using our start-up content packs. Accelerate your time to value.

Design Conditions

Automate with conditions. Build rules that allow the execution of workflows based on conditions that surround how and when you automate action sets.

Case Orchestration

Easily orchestrate the full response lifecycle. Ensure each case identifies the right context for the right person in the process. Accelerate overall response times.

Adaptable Architecture

Extend technology as needed with smart plug-ins that deliver needed modularity, allow reuse and promote sustainable, usable toolsets.